How to Maintain Safety When Conducting Security Patrols

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Security patrols expose guards to a wide range of risks. For instance, they could meet with intruders or suffer accidents as they patrol business or residential premises. For this reason, security guards are encouraged to make safety a priority as they conduct security patrols. Below is an excerpt discussing how security guards can ensure safety as they conduct security patrols. 

Preliminary Inspections

Security guards will need to conduct patrols at night when there is little or no visibility. As such, they require to conduct inspections to identify the various risks on the premises. It could be staircases, low-lying slabs, narrow passages, open manholes, and weak floors. Besides, the guards should identify perimeter weak spots such as holes that could be used by thieves. During this inspection, the guards should test the functionality of the security system. It could be the alarm system, CCTV cameras, motion sensors and restricted access systems. 

Have a Patrol Plan

The patrol plan details the routes that the security guards will use and the frequency at which to conduct the patrols. Ideally, the patrol plan should be unpredictable. It prevents attackers from learning your patrol routine. Besides, it should be changed randomly to ensure unscrupulous guards do not leak the patrol plan to intruders. 

Prepare for Emergencies

Below are a few ways that security guards can prepare for emergencies when conducting patrols: 

  • The security team should conduct regular drills to assess how each guard responds to threats. The exercises will help prepare them for emergencies.
  • All team members should have contacts to the security company's hotline, local police, ambulance and fire services.
  • The premises should have emergency equipment such as first aid kits and fire response equipment.
  • The guards should have safety clothing and equipment when conducting their patrols. Pepper sprays, batons, cuffs, and teasers can help deter thieves. Guards patrolling sensitive buildings such as banks should have guns.  

Consider Guard Tour Software

Guard tour software is a sure way to increase the safety of security guards and keep the guards on their toes while patrolling the premises. Typically, you feed the patrol plan into the system. The system contains checkpoints that send a signal to the software once a security guard checks in at the checkpoint. If a guard misses a checkpoint, the system will send an alert to the chief security officer. At this stage, the chief security officer will radio call the guard to ensure that they are okay. These systems will warn you if the premises is under attack, thus guaranteeing a quick response. 

When conducting security patrols, inspect the premises, have a patrol plan, prepare for emergencies and consider guard tour software.