Three Events You Absolutely Need Security Guards At

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For most people, the idea of hiring security guards for their local event seems very foreign. After all, no one likes to imagine a confrontation or something even worse happening at their event that would require the intervention of a security guard. However, these problems do happen, and some events are more prone to them than others. If you want to make sure all your colleagues, friends and family are safe then here are three events that you simply must consider using security guards for hire, or you might have the whole event collapse in a massive fiasco.

Twenty-First Parties

If your child or a close relative of yours is having a twenty-first party it is likely to be one of the largest of their lives and warrants considerable planning. A lot of time these parties will have an abundance of alcohol for all to enjoy and in most cases, the worst problem one will encounter is a sore head the next day. However, alcohol and a lot of emotions mixed with youth do not always work well. Security guards for hire will make sure that no one crashes the party and that everyone is safe and sound when they go to bed after the party.

Corporate Events

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum to twenty-first birthdays, corporate events require security guards for hire for a whole host of different reasons. Most of the time these security guards are needed simply to ensure that no one gets in without proper accreditation. That means no nosey journalists or randoms simply wandering in. Security guards for hire are also simply expected at these industry-type functions, so if you are hosting esteemed guests or leaders then it will seem a little bit odd if there is no security presence in the area.


Just like at a twenty-first, school reunions or reunions of any kind often bring with them a lot of emotion. There can be unresolved issues that come to a head with a few bottles of wine or beer, and if you are not careful those empty bottles can be used as weapons. Security guards are great at monitoring these situations and noticing when things are just about to tip over into violence. While most of these go off quite well, you really can never tell if they are going to be fine before the finish, and having security guards there gives you that blanket protection in case something does go wrong.