How to Make Your Front Entrance More Secure

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If you have had your home broken into, or are just being cautious about burglaries, you should think about securing the front entrance door first. There are a few ways to do this that won't be difficult, but can have a large impact on your home's security and your family's safety.

Install a Security Door

The first thing you should do is to get a better door for your entrance. It is tempting to choose a less expensive door, especially when you have a lot of different home repairs to make, but your security should be top priority. Security doors are made of sturdy materials that are extremely difficult for a burglar to break down, unlike a door made of wood. These doors are typically made of metal or steel, and along with the high-security door, the door frame is also made of solid metal. Frames are often how doors get broken down, so this is a really important part of the security door.

Get a Front Motion Detector

This is an easy and cost-effective way to scare off people that walk up to your door with an intention to break into your home. It can even help if nobody is at home, making them think that someone will be alarmed to their presence. All you need is a motion detector that turns on a light near the front entrance. Some people place them close to their garage if it is close to the entrance, where the lights go on, and suddenly the suspected burglar is on display for everyone to see. This is often enough to scare people off.

Have a Deadbolt Lock Installed

It might be time for a better lock on your front door. Deadbolt locks are among the most secure locks out there, that are difficult for anyone without extensive locksmith knowledge to open. If you're not entirely sure if your current door lock is secure enough, you can call up a locksmith who can come out and have a look. They should be able to recommend a more secure deadbolt lock if needed. This is another easy, low-cost upgrade that makes your front entrance more secure.

You should also consider making these security upgrades to your back doors as well, including any doors that go into the garage and your patio sliding glass doors. Burglars often find a less conspicuous spot to break in, so those back doors are also at risk.