Feel Safe, Be Safe: How CCTV Helps to Secure Your Home

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It's not just for show.  Having a CCTV camera installed at your home helps to prevent and solve crime in a variety of different ways - just as it is proven to do in public and business settings.  Though many people regard it as simply a deterrent, and may even purchase fake CCTV cameras to affix to their walls, there are actually several factors as to why video surveillance works to keep your home secure and safe against intruders, burglars and petty criminals.  Here are just a few.

Reducing Vehicle Crime

It won't just benefit your home.  However broad your CCTV camera's range is, if it even looks to be able to see your car, then criminals are unlikely to attempt to access or damage it.  It's not failsafe, of course, but it is an additional bonus.

Assisting the Police

If a crime should occur in your area, whether it's at your home or a neighbour's, having CCTV footage to hand over is a huge help to the police.  They can use private CCTV footage to identify and indict criminals.  Word does spread amongst petty criminals, too; if one area is known to be heavily covered by CCTV, and that the residents will hand over footage to police, the crime rate is likely to lower.  Criminals rely on being able to repeat offences, and won't risk being caught if there are easier areas to target.

Encouraging Greater Coverage

The more homes in an area get CCTV cameras, the likelier your neighbours are to follow suit.  This is a great way for communities to come together and lower the local crime rate.  Petty vandalism and graffiti, for example, are much less likely when criminals see cameras covering every surface.  It won't happen overnight, of course - but it's a good step towards living in a much safer environment overall.

Feeling More Secure

Even just the peace of mind afforded by knowing you have CCTV watching on your behalf is beneficial.  You have it to rely on if anything goes wrong, and that's no small bonus.  After all, every dollar you invest in security is spent hoping that you'll never actually need those products.  It's all about preparing yourself, and feeling prepared  CCTV will certainly help with that.

It can be an expensive investment, especially if you wish to opt for a high-grade camera - but it's the kind of purchase you won't regret, especially if you ever make use of the footage.  Even if you don't, you can rest easy at night knowing that you're putting out the image of caring about your security, and that makes the need to rely on it much less likely.