CCTV Alarms Secure Your Premises Using the Best Systems

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Securing a home or business against potential threats is a top concern for most property owners. People have peace of mind when they know that property and other belongings are safe and secure. In addition to locked doors and windows, CCTV alarms help you take your security to the next level.

While your doors may not be locked throughout the day, CCTV alarms remain functioning 24/7, constantly monitoring your property against threats. They are also easy to set up and maintain, thus eliminating the need to hire a security firm to remain at your home/business for long hours. 

How CCTV works

CCTV is basically a system of cameras that provide visual surveillance of your property. The cameras can be attached to sensors that trigger an alarm in the event of a threat. Therefore, CCTV alarms basically consist of a camera and alarm set up.

In some cases, sensors can also be placed on windows and outside areas such as the yard and driveway. Outside security lights can also be equipped with sensors in order to detect movement.

Types of CCTV alarms

What differentiates different types of CCTV alarms is the manner in which the user is notified in case their property faces a threat. The various types of alarm systems include:

Bells-only alarms

These are also referred to as audible alarms. When they detect a threat, they produce a loud noise that can be heard by nearby people and that scares off the intruder. Bell-only alarms can be fitted with CCTV cameras to maintain both visual monitoring and an audio signal.

People living in busy areas can benefit from an audio alarms because they bring attention to the actions of the intruder and often scare them away.

Dialler alarms

Dialler alarms take audio alarms one step further by fitting them with a notification dialler. You can preset the dialler to contact you or other relevant persons when the alarm goes off.

This is a great option for property owners who are away from their premises but still wish to ensure its security.

Wireless alarms

A popular option for CCTV alarms comes in a wireless design. Wireless CCTV alarms use sensors that communicate with a central control panel using radio signals. Sensors can also be set on cameras in order to transmit video information to the control panel. Wireless CCTV alarms are also easily upgraded to smart security systems that can be controlled through an application on your smartphone.

To learn more about security systems, contact a security firm in your area.