Security Cameras vs. Burglar Alarms: Which is the Best Security Option for Your Home?

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Choosing the best security systems in your home isn't always an easy task. Technology has availed so many different options that it can easily overwhelm homeowners. Among the best options out there are security cameras and burglar alarms. Security cameras or CCTV provide live footage of what is happening in your home. Depending on the mode, the cameras can also alert you when there is a danger. On the other hand, burglar alarms go off when an intruder tries to access your property. Some alarms come with exterior beams and motion detectors to deter would-be burglars from intruding your property. 

That said, how do you choose between the two security options for your home? This article will give you a detailed comparison that will help you make the best choice.

Purpose of the system

The most important factor to consider should be the purpose of the system. Do you want to deter thieves or monitor your property? Burglar alarms are designed to prevent intruders from your property. The exterior beams and motion detectors cover the perimeter. If someone breaks through them, the alarm goes off, and the homeowner is informed of an intrusion even before the thief accesses the home. Therefore, if you want to keep out thieves, alarms are the excellent option.

On the other hand, security cameras allow you to monitor the property. The live footage can show an intruder as they try to access the property. However, if you don't have a complex system that sounds a warning in the event of an intrusion, burglars may still access your home. What you will be left with is video footage, but this may prove useless if the thieves were masked.

Convenience and reliability

When choosing a security system, you want to go for an option that's convenient and reliable. Burglar alarms deliver in both cases. You don't have to sit behind a computer or keep checking your tablet or phone to know what's going on in your home. If an intruder trespasses, the alarm will go off immediately. This can give you the much-needed peace of mind, especially when you are away.

To enjoy the benefits of security cameras, you need to purchase quality ones that can warn you when there is an intruder. This way, you don't have to continually check the footage to make sure that your home is safe.


Both security cameras and burglar alarms are great security options for your home. You can go for both if you want to maximise the safety of your property. Also, choose quality models that come with advanced detection features and functionality. Get a professional to install the systems so that you can get the best value from the new security additions.