How to choose well-trained bomb detection dogs

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Detection dogs have been used by police and security forces for many years. Their ability to detect illegal drugs, in particular, is widely known and appreciated. What you may not realise is that trained dogs can also be a highly effective way of detecting explosives. Bomb detection dogs can play a vital role in keeping the nation safe from terrorists, both foreign and homegrown. If you are considering using bomb detection dogs to protect your business, here are three things that you must look for to help you choose the right explosive detection dogs.

The right training

Bomb detection dogs will only ever be as effective as their training allows them to be. Look for bomb detection dogs that have been trained using real explosive materials rather than simulated scents. During training, the dogs should learn to detect the scent of different types of explosive materials both in bulk and in trace samples. By following a rigorous and extensive training programme, bomb detection dogs must learn to detect the unique scents of different types of explosives and learn what they must do when they detect that scent.

The right response

If you plan on using bomb detection dogs to alert you to any explosive materials that enter your site, then it is important that the dog is able to not just locate the scent of explosive materials but also to clearly identify the source of the explosive scent. Teaching a dog how to clearly signal that they have identified an explosive scent is perhaps the most critical part of the dog's training. Look for a dog training company that has taken the time to train the dog not just in scent detection but in real life situations that the dog may well encounter while working. The dog must learn to stay calm in all circumstances; one way bomb detection dogs can be trained to calmly show that they have detected the presence of an explosive is by doing an unassisted 'sit' in the vicinity of the explosive.

The right location

Bomb detection dogs are now being used in an increasing range of locations. While in the past detection dogs may have been restricted to airports and combat zones, it is now not uncommon to find them working at college campuses and shopping centres. Properly trained bomb detection dogs can be a great asset in explosive detection. Look for a dog that is used to working in your environment and make your business and customers safer today.