Your Essential Security Screen Door Installation Guide

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Planning to install a security screen door in your home? Traditional screen doors have been used for making living spaces feel airier while keeping insects at bay. However, they offer little to no protection against home invasions. 

Security screens doors are designed and made with this drawback in mind. In addition to improving air circulation on hot days and preventing unwelcome insects from entering your home, these screen doors bolster the security of the home. 

There are various requirements that need to be met for security screen door installations. Check out these requirements below:

Selecting a Quality Door

Like other security products, there are quality standards that security screen doors should meet in order to serve their purpose. These standards specify the minimum requirements for the performance of all types of security screen doors used in residential areas.

The primary concern here is that a security screen door should be able to offer adequate protection against attempts at accessing the building forcibly. For example, the wood door frames used in some traditional screen doors don't meet the requirements for the performance of security screen doors. Sturdier door frames such as steel door frames, are required to address the concerns relating to forced entry. 

Some of the common elements that security screen doors are tested for include impact, corrosion, cutting, cyclones, fire, and many more. 

Hiring the Right Door Installer

For security screen doors to be effective at their job of enhancing the security of your home while providing the benefits of fly screens, a quality door installation job is needed.

When you are choosing a door installer, make sure they are qualified to do the job properly. A good door installer should be licensed to do the job. They should also have accumulated years of experience in handling jobs like yours. You can check their portfolio to see examples of the projects they have completed.

The installer should also have a reputation for providing their clients with excellent workmanship and service guarantees. You can check the reviews and ratings posted on their website and other sources online. 

If you need help with your security screen door selection and installation job, feel free to get in touch with a professional security screen door installation company. They will assess your needs and help you choose and install the right door for you. They can also provide you with a no-obligation quote upon request.